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Dec 30

Princess E’s New Bookcase

So way, WAY back in June when I went to Britmums I was lucky enough to get chatting to the lovely people at Parragon Books who were looking for some bloggers to become their book buddies and review a variety of different books for them throughout the year. Now any long time readers of my blog will know I am a bit of a book fiend, but from the books on offer the ones that took my fancy were the children’s ones, so ever since June each month Parragon have been sending me one through the post.

Now, I think it’s fair to say that life has been a bit of a whirlwind since August and a lot has changed so it has taken me all this time to put fingers to keyboard but in the meantime the little books through the post have been a little blessing for Princess E and I.

It was really important for me from the time when my children were babies to build them a collection of books, classic ones, funny ones, some that were ‘of the moment’ and others that were to be kept and treasured.  Unfortunately one of the things that was obviously affected during the dividing of the things when I moved out from Mr B and into the Blue Door Home was their book collections, and it’s fair to say this saddened me.

I did however manage to land Princess E a lovely new bookcase for her new ‘big girls’ room but it was looking somewhat empty to begin with. Slowly, over the last few months, these little beauties have been filling it up, one by one and bringing with them a little bit of joy each time.

IMG_1699Sunshine and Snowballs – I love a rhyming book for children of E’s age (3) and this one in beautifully illustrated, taking you through the different seasons and the adventures they bring.





IMG_1700Goodnight Little One – A great bedtime story this one as it tells the tale of all the animals closing their eyes and going to sleep.  There’s something about this book which makes me feel sleepy, shame it doesn’t have the same affect on Princess E!





IMG_1701Three Little Dinosaurs – Now this one I had earmarked t for K when it arrived, being that it is about dinosaurs but I think he is a little beyond the story and pictures in this one to be honest.  Princess E however does like it and I think a younger boy would like it even more.





IMG_1702The Adventures of the Owl and the Pussycat – Another book that I love the illustration of, there is so much detail in some of these pictures you can spend ages noticing new things on each of the pages. A lovely twist on an original rhyme.





IMG_1703Wakey Wakey Big Brown Bear – Princess E loves a story with animals in it so this one went down really well with her though it wasn’t my favourite. It tells the tale of a bear who goes off to hibernate and misses all the fun but his lovely animal friends do their best to keep it ready and waiting for him until he wakes up.





IMG_1704The Night Before Christmas – I absolutely LOVE this story, and the children had a copy each of a lovely M&S version but only K’s one came with us so I was thrilled that Princess E got her own version and this one is lovely. The pictures are so pretty though simple somehow and I love the glittery touch on the cover.





IMG_1705The Carrot Cake Catastrophe – Another animal story so another sure fire winner in Princess E’s eyes this is quite a funny little tale. You might wonder just how much of a catastrophe making a carrot cake could be, but trust me, according to this, quite a big one!





So that’s it for now, but I am looking forward to seeing what other surprises Parragon have in store for us Book Buddies. In the meantime, there’s just one other bookcase in the house to sort, Poor K doesn’t even have one, or really even a space for one and the books he does have he tells me are not ‘right’, whatever that means. I think really he has moved on in his tastes now he can read, I’m just not quite sure what works for an almost 6 year old boy; any tips gratefully received.


Disclaimer: The books above were given to us for free in return for this review.


  1. Becky

    WE love books too and at 6 and 9 we are indeed piutting putr picyure books away as the paperbacks are pushing them off the shelves. sad days I am not quite ready to give them up but the famous five and Harry potter are edging in.
    Becky recently posted..Don’t throw money at your resolutions (there is a better way)My Profile

    1. ladybriggs

      Oooh, I LOVE Harry Potter, good shout!! :)

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